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A Detailed House

Following up to my previous post on drool-worthy, dream kitchens, here are more kitchen designs in white/light shades meant to inspire.

Although lovely, they are without a doubt exorbitantly expensive, but all the features aren’t. Sometimes switching out a light fixture, faucet, paint, accessories and/or cushions can breathe new life into a kitchen.

Just stunning! Why? Because it’s different. A new, fresh take on the standard island and cabinet front…

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A Detailed House

I love molding – just adore it. It takes a plain box and makes it pretty.

So with the success and ease of adding molding to our plain cabinets, surely the ceilings can’t be that hard. I applied the same principle, except the top piece had a 9″ face. That made corners very difficult…for my husband 🙂 Oh, Lord, were the corners difficult!!

But the beauty of 12′ ceilings is that mistakes are impossible to see and caulk can do wonders! I became a master sculptor, sculpting caulk and putty to fix the corners where we didn’t get it just right.

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The other night my husband made roasted hen and I made couscous as a side dish. This has to be one of the easiest and most simple dinner you can make. It’s completely error proof and tastes so delishhh!

One cornish hen should feed two. Split the hen and lay flat (as seen in pic), this will help it cook faster. Lay a few rosemary sprigs (optional) under the hen in a cast iron or baking dish. Season the hen w/ salt and pepper. Add some garlic cloves and whole shallots in the dish. Before putting in the oven, spray the skin w/ an oil spray. This will help make the skin super crispy. 

Roast at 350 for 50 mins. Midway, check on the garlic and shallots. If they are getting tender and start to caramelize, take them out so they don’t burn.

With the pan drippings, add butter, flour…

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Today was a different kind of Saturday. My  husband and I got to spend half a day together w/o Zoey. She was occupied w/ her aunt who just came into town for the holiday weekend. Family is wonderful 99% of the time.

We spent the first half of the time at a shopping mall and then as always finish the day off at the market buying ingredients for dinner time. 

It almost felt like the usual weekends pre-Zoey era, but this time, we had to make several Zoey check in calls. 

Lately, I can’t put my phone down. It’s a bad habit that needs to be broken. 

Later for dinner, we made sushi + sashimi. A food posting on this to follow. 

Til next post, Kellie

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Ever since we found this local fish market spot, we’ve been consuming sashimi more than usual. This weekend was no exception. And with my sister in town, it was the perfect excuse to go sushi crazy.

Truly, why go to a sushi restaurant when you can prepare your own at home for equally or even better quality sashimi? For the price, quality, and quantity- home prepared is well worth it.

You know you have a good piece of sushi grade tuna when the color is deepish vibrant red + almost translucent.This is about 1 lb, and for about $23/lb, you get so much more sashimi slices for your money.

I can imagine that uni is an acquired taste. Once you get the hang of it, it’s such a simple delicacy. It tastes really fresh, light, airy, + buttery. Great w/ a squeeze of lemon. I’ve eaten bad uni before…

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Made my sister a cup of decaf. cappuccino this morning. Cream/milk was substituted with organic soy milk. Def. a healthier alternative!

The best part of any cappuccino is the froth. I can drink a cup full of froth and be satisfied. Amazing how much froth you can get with soy milk!

Topped w/ cocoa powder. 

Enjoy your mornings with a cup of cappuccino. It’s these simplest indulgence in life that makes the experience so delightful!

Til next post, Kellie

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I love the openness and the feeling of relaxation.

Felt a sense of happy happy joy joy today when I found out that one of my postings, An Inspirational Workspace made it to the prestige pages of Dwellinggawker!

Check out their website (here) to get inspired with your next home design project. 

Til next post, Kellie

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I made all of my own baby food & bought each of my daughters a mini electric grinder & they make their own too..

I just started Zoey on solids probably one month ago. She is starting out with fruits and veggies. So far she doesn’t like avocados or apples (too tart). She loves bananas, yellow squash, and sweet yams. It’s ridiculous the price of baby food out there. One jar of 4oz is anywhere from 90cents to $1.50, and if you go organic, forget it. 

Preparing your baby’s food is not only more economical, but healthier (no preservatives), and you know exactly what goes into it. The ingredients are just so pure. 

Here’s how I made baby food with sweet yams. So simple and easy I’m almost insulting your intelligence. 

I cut them into equal pieces before boiling so they can cook faster and evenly. 

After about 20 mins, the yams are tender and ready to puree. I wait until they are cooled down first before pureeing. 

Voila! This will last Zoey for…

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